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Commercial Cleaning Services

There are several different services that a commercial cleaning service can offer to the companies that opt to use their services. Due to the experience that professionals have under their belts, as well as the wealth of different pieces of equipment they need to use, most companies will outsource the cleaning of their commercial property as opposed to ‘hiring from within’.

Contract Cleaning Companies

Many companies will work on a contract basis. When you retain a contract company, you will be ‘booking’ them to clean your property for the length of the contract that you have in place. Most companies will opt to go down this route as it means that their property is getting the attention that it deserves.

How often you utilise a company will be dependent on you. Some commercial enterprises will have a company come and give their property a clean a couple of times per week. Others may have it done once a month. How often is up to you. Many companies will base it on the amount of footfall they get. The higher the footfall, the more regularly the property will need to be cleaned.

Carpet Cleaning

This is one of the most important cleaning jobs which many companies overlook.

Every day, your carpets are coming into contact with dirt and grime. Even if you hoover it, a lot of that dirt and grime is going to remain ‘latched’ to the carpets. Over time, you will notice that this causes your carpets to become old and tired. Professional carpet cleaning equipment can help with this.

Experienced companies will able to lift the dirt and grime which has latched itself to the fibres of your carpet. Not only can this ensure that your carpet looks as brilliant as the day that you purchased it, but it also ensures that the lifespan of your carpet is increased. It is important that you use a professional for this job or it could result in damage being caused to the carpet.

Office Cleaning

Offices tend to look nice and tidy. However, overtime, the dust is going to start to build up. If you have an office which boasts several staff members, then you will run into issues there too. Basically, if you want to keep your office ‘prim and proper’ then it will need to undergo regular cleaning.

If you have a busy office, then this is the type of service that you could benefit from once or twice per week. Remember; employees that are functioning in a clean environment tend to be more productive. Happy employees are good employees!

Industrial Cleaning

Operate a factory or a warehouse? Then it is likely that there will be a bit of a mess left behind. This happens in a busy location. At best, this mess is just going to make the place look not that attractive. However, at worst, it makes the location dangerous. Imagine having people darting around your warehouse, tripping up on items which have been left out. This will cause injury or, at the very least, hamper the speed at which you work. Hire a contract cleaning company once or twice a week. Keep the place spotless and you will notice that productivity will go through the roof!

Restaurant Cleaning

Restaurants need to be clean. At any moment, you could be subject to an inspection from health and safety. If your restaurant gets a poor score, then you could be kissing goodbye to a lot of business. Don’t trust your employees to keep the place clean either. They are not trained to do that. Plus, we are willing to bet that your employees likely have better things to do. Get in an experienced company which knows what they are doing. If you do, then you will not fall foul of a health and safety inspection again.

End of Tenancy and Deep Cleaning Services

If you are moving properties, or perhaps closing a business, then you may wish to opt for end of tenancy cleaning. You must remember that your landlord expects that the property is spotless when you pass it over to them. If it is not, then you may lose your deposit. This can be a hefty sum of cash.

Even if you are not planning to leave your property any time soon, a deep clean would still be a fantastic thing to opt for on occasion. This type of clean is different from your standard one as it will ensure that your property has every centimetre scrubbed to perfection. By the end of it, your property is going to look better than it has done in years.

This type of clean is normally carried out yearly, but some larger companies may have it carried out every few months.

Construction Cleaning

When you are building a new building, or just carrying out some work on a client’s property, it is likely that you are going to leave a bit of mess behind. It can take an age to clean up this mess. This is time that you really should be using to focus on other projects. This is why many construction companies and tradesmen opt to hire cleaners which specialise in cleaning up construction sites. It will ensure that your workers are doing what they do best as opposed to tidying, something which they probably do not wish to be doing at all.

Remember; a clean construction site is a safe construction site. Builders who are clean tend to get good reviews and more business.

Janitorial Services

Sometimes it is good just to hire a janitorial team who can clean up the occasional mess as opposed to a full clean. Maybe clean your bathrooms regularly or similar. Many companies opt to retain a company like this.

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