Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

Commercial Carpet Cleaners

The problem with commercial carpet cleaning is that the barrier to entry in the industry is remarkably low. Sure, you need your equipment (floor steam cleaner, carpet stain removers etc.) but you do not need any qualifications. There is no piece of paper which a cleaner can show you which says “yes. I know how to clean carpets”. This can make it dreadfully difficult to track down quality carpet cleaning services. Therefore, we have produced this guide. We want to highlight some of the things that you need to think about.


One of your main considerations should be the amount of experience that the company has under their belts. We are not talking about the amount of experience they have dealing with residentials units here. We are talking about how much experience they have in the commercial game. It is a whole different ball game.

One of the best ways in which you can work out how much experience they have is by looking at their website. There will normally be some indication about how long they have been kicking about in the industry. Failing that, you can also look for reviews online. This should give you an idea as to how brilliant their clients find them.

If you have a very specific commercial property e.g. a restaurant, then you should try to ensure that you select a cleaner which has experience working with that type of property. Remember; restaurant cleaning tends to be a bit more involved than office cleaner due to the whole ‘health and safety’ aspect of it.

The same goes if you are having an end of tenancy clean. This type of clean is going to be much more involved than a quick ‘spruce up’ of the building on a weekly basis.

Cleaning Equipment

The more-experienced companies will have a wealth of equipment at their disposal. This will make the cleaner that much better and it will go by a whole lot faster. It also means that they are able to adapt their techniques based upon what is being cleaned e.g. some carpets require a bit more of a delicate touch.

If you work with an inexperienced company, you will be running the risk of the carpets not being dealt with properly. This could either mean that they are left unclean or, worse, it could mean that they end up being damaged.


This is something that you will need to think about. Chances are, you really will not want to have the cleaners coming in while you have clients or customers in your building. They will get in their way. You may be able to do this if you are running an office operation, but generally you will want to ensure that they are available out of standard business hours.

When you are shopping around for a carpet cleaning company, you should ensure that they are there at the times that you need them. For example; a lot of the work will be done during the early hours of the morning or late at night. If the company only has space during the middle part of the day and this is not convenient for you, then you should probably give them a ‘skip’. It won’t work. Remember; the last thing you want to have happen is that the company that you hire makes it difficult for you to do business.

Availability is going to be incredibly important if you are looking for contract carpet cleaners. You want to know that they will be able to fit you into their schedule and come when they say that they are going to come each day of the week (or however frequently you have opted to hire them for)

Talk to the Cleaner

Finally; we suggest that you talk to the company. We know that you are unlikely to be working that closely with the company you opt for (every couple of weeks tends to be the standard for most businesses), but it is still nice to know that they are not going to give you any issues. Every business needs to be able to stick to the promises that they make, and talking to them will give you a rough idea as to whether they can. Basically, a company that communicates is a good company to work with!

Get in touch with us today if you are planning to hire a company that will ensure that the carpets in your property are nice and clean.